Funding Target
11,000,000 ICX
Private: 2018.09.01
Presale: 2018.10.01
Token Distribution

ICON Decentralized Applications


weBloc will overhaul the current digital advertising ecosystem by creating a tokenized alliance protocol for all players in the market where they can exchange information rather than advertisements.

How are you disrupting status quo with blockchain?

In the current digital advertising ecosystem, advertisers make competition to put their advertisements on more effective spots and media make efforts to get more fees systematically. Advertisers have to spend a lot on such competitions but they are willing to pay the fees thanks to the high effectiveness. If it is possible to clearly know the needs of users and execute advertisements on them, advertising fees will decrease while conversion rates increase as a result. In this process, users can clearly understand the value of their contribution while advertisers can see the actual user intention thanks to the transparency guaranteed by blockchain.

Describe your token economy model

In the weBloc advertising ecosystem, as the number of participants increases, the numbers of advertisers and middlemen who can contribute to generating values and delivering information will also increase. Blockchain will not perish all middlemen in the advertising ecosystem. Rather, the number of those middlemen who can actually create value and contribute to delivering information will increase systematically. This will lead to active user participation and rewards on users that can be transparently seen by everyone. With this, advertisers can develop a better targeting strategy and execute advertisements with high conversion rates.

Once the weBloc advertising ecosystem gets stabilized, the structure where advertisers pay the fees to sell their products and services would disappear. The advertising market will turn into an ecosystem with the participants providing quality information and those consuming it. Using WEB and WIP tokens, anyone in the weBloc ecosystem can be either advertisers, middlemen, or users who actually create value. Establishment of such an ecosystem that grows with its participants is the service model the weBloc protocol wants to build.


Joon Hong / CEO

FSN(Cauly) Co-founder • NAVER Search AD Team Leader

Wusic We / CSO

Kakao Biz-data analyst • NAVER Search AD Project Manager

Jongha Bae / CTO

Kakao Search engine Engineer • NAVER Blog, NAVER Map Engineer