Staking Reward Calculator
Rep Report
This is a sample report that will be submitted by reps to the ICON network at the end of a block production round. Upon aggregating the submissions of each rep, the value of each variable is determined by a weighted average proportional to the stake of each delegate. These parameters will determine various block rewards in the next section.

Below are numbers from the ICON network itself, you can experiment with different values to simulate different network activity levels

800,460,000 ICX
Block Rewards
There are 7 types of block rewards within a newly minted block. β2 is the transaction fee reward, which depends on the actual transaction fee in the block. These block rewards are distributed to either Reps, EEPs, DAPPs or staking ICONists. Based on the above report, this is the ICX issuance per block for each reward.
As an ICONist you can stake to Reps, EEPs and DAPPs. Your rewards will come from β3, β5 and β7, which are delegation rewards for Rep, EEP and DAPP respectively. In reality you may stake to multiple Reps, EEPs and DAPPs of different reward rates. In our example since there is only one Rep Report, we'll assume the simplest case here where the ICONist stakes 100% to all 3 sectors, with the rates (R_rep, R_eep and R_dapp) fixed to one report.

Block Producer / Validator
As a block producer or validator, your rewards will come from β1 and β2. The block producer gets 50% of β1 reward, while the remaining 50% will be shared by the number of reps who participated in the block validation. β2 transaction reward is shared among all validators including the block producer. Based on the sample report,

As an EEP (Ecosystem Expansion Proposal) operator, your reward will come from β4 , proportional to your delegated amount to the total delegated amount of all EEPs.

As a DAPP (Decentralized Application) operator, your reward will come from β6 , proportional to your delegated amount to the total delegated amount of all DAPPs.