Funding Target
12,500,000 ICX
Private: 2018. 08
Public: TBA
Token Distribution

ICON Decentralized Applications

STAYGE One Foundation

STAYGE One makes a protocol connecting the whole fandom around the world. Fan's activities will be recorded accurately and they are fairly rewarded for their promotion. The Fandom data will reduce the uncertainty of the industry. STAYGE is a blockchain protocol that rewards a fan’s activities with cryptocurrency.

How are you disrupting status quo with blockchain?
  • Goods Market : After an artist has officially joined the STAYGE Network, any vendors who sell merchandise related to that artist are able to participate. With accurate targeting, they can design products reflecting fans' needs and preferences. Fans can purchase these products using STG or ACT.
  • Ticketing Service : We aim to decrease and restrict ticket scalping using blockchain technology. A secured ticket transferring system will be established along with the ability to give loyal fans ticket purchasing privileges.
  • Fan-driven crowdfunding : In STAYGE Network, anyone can open a crowdfunding project and encourage other fans to participate in that project.
  • Business Platform : Recruiting artists for business purposes is ultimately aimed at the artist's fan base. Therefore, STAYGE Network will assist in choosing those artists that are optimal for business purposes.
  • Benefits for Participants :
    Fan - Create a fan-driven project by rewarding activities/
    Artist - Prevent market distortion by identifying loyal fans/
    Enterprise - Encourage industry expansion with right targeting
Describe your token economy model

STAYGE Network consists of two kinds of cryptocurrencies: ACT(Community Activity Token) and STG (STAYGE Coin). ACT is a token issued by a fan’s activities. It includes content creation and distribution, feedback from others, and event participation. ACT is also created for each artist and is a way to integrate various fan communities from the world. STG is a coin that can connect fandom of different artists and acts as STAYGE Network’s key currency. STG can be exchanged for other types of ACT.


Michael Baeg / CEO & Co-founder

Formation | 8 • On*Media • Actoz Soft

Yoon-jin Chang / Board of Director

LifeSite • KStartup • Miss Korea Beauty Pageant the 54th (2010)

Thomas Jeon / Board of Director

Nomad Connection • Penta Security

NASSUN / Co-founder & CBDO

All Around Playerz (AAP) • Rapper & Producer