Personal Data Market
Funding Target
20,000 ETH
Token Distribution

ICON Decentralized Applications


AIRBLOC PROTOCOL is an enterprise-focused personal data protocol for applications to help monetize their users’ data on a data marketplace in a legitimate and transparent manner. Enterprises would be able to buy these quality data in quantity to conduct business intelligence, risk mitigation and targeted marketing campaigns for higher ROIs.

Key Highlights
  • AIRBLOC PROTOCOL aims to be the world’s first protocol in the data market that provides data collection and monetization features in a legitimate and transparent manner.
  • Reverse ICO anchored by a leading digital advertising big data analytics company in Korea. Team is made up of 90% software developers with background from Google, LINE, Naver, Software Maestro and WeMakePrice.
  • Has a B2B rather than a B2C focus which translates to greater and easier scalability, extensibility and adoption
How are you disrupting status quo with blockchain?

Today's data industry is riddled with data that lacks proper transparency and legitimacy. Recently, we have seen greater clarion calls for data protection such as the EU-wide legally binding GDPR regulation. Also, individuals today are more aware of their personal data being misused and are more sensitive to data collection requests from enterprises and applications. As such, these entities find it hard to collect and use data in a transparent and legitimate manner for their business operations.

Airbloc Protocol aims to introduce a revolutionary enterprise-focused solution to help enterprises and applications collect and use data in a transparent and legitimate manner. In the process, to also return data ownership rights to the respective stakeholders.

Describe your token economy model

There are multiple stakeholders in Airbloc Protocol. Enterprises, Applications, and Individuals. Applications integrate our protocol layer to help their underlying users monetize their data in a legitimate and transparent manner. These data are then available to be sold on our Airbloc Data Marketplace. Enterprises or any entities interested in purchasing personal data for their business intelligence, risk mitigation, research or marketing purposes can use ABL tokens to purchase the transparent, legitimate and quality data in quantity.


Roi Nam / CEO & Co-Founder

Lee-On Ong / CSO

Irene Kim / Head of Business