Funding Target
1,000,000,000 MCA
Private: 2018. 08
Public: TBA
Token Distribution

ICON Decentralized Applications


MECA Coin(MCA), a DApp of ICON, is the foundation coin of MECA casino, an online gambing platform, Focusing on transparency and entertainment, this decentralized casino is a high-qulily gaming enviroment with verifiable results via the blockchain.

Key Highlights
  • Fair games from Blockchain RNG
  • Lower service fees
  • High quality gambling games and sports betting on a decentralized casino platform
How are you disrupting status quo with blockchain?

Gambling games can cause concerns about fairness, MECA Casino, co-developed with Me20n(Kosdaq:ME20N), aims to make this a thing of the past by using our blockchain system to generate random, confirmable results and smart contracts to ensure accurate payouts. Numbers are derived from a multi-layered system, making them impossible to fabricate and are viewable in an open registry, Casino operation is decentralized through a casino asset ownership system which blsters trust and offers another avenue for users to make money outside of gambling.

Describe your token economy model

Users are classified as Masters or Players. Players are users who perform gaming or betting activities in MECA Casino. Users can purchase and operate individual casinos, and become Masters. Masters decentralize casino ownership and gain rights to profit sharing with MECA Casino.

The tentative profit share ratio is 6:4 (Master:MECA Casino) with MECA Casino's share being used to fulfill obligations including the MECA Casino platform fee, the MECA Chain transaction fee, and the Jackpot fund. Each instance of purchase or sale of casino, games or other asstets such as decorations will incur a transaction fee that is paid to MECA Casino.

A maximum of 3 billion MCA tokens will be issued, and 1 billion will be available for purchase. MCA is exchangeable to MECA Chip for game play and asset purchase. MECA Chip and MCA have a guaranteed exchage rate of 1:1 with MCA. Exchanging to MECA Chip will increase the scarcity of MCA in the market. The number of Masters will be controlled to stabilize casino revenue.


Ben Moonsoo You / CEO & Co-founder

ME2ON VR CEO • Drearnwiz Games CEO • Baekho Soft CEO

Myeongkyun Kim / VP

Me2Qn VR • EntercCrews Co. • Mobcast

Sebastian Wonsang Rye / CSO

Blizzard Entertainment • Rovio Entertainment • App Annie


Sebastian Ryu / sebastian.ryu@cryptomeca.io