Funding Target
12,000,000 USD
Token Sale
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ICON Decentralized Applications


Carboneum is creating a decentralized infrastructure and protocol for social trading, revolutionizing how traders interact with each other and make investments to promote transparency, automation and a fair fee mechanism.

Key Highlights

Company behind the project is an existing 500-startup backed with revenue-generating trading app of 700K users, LINE finance partner with 4.8M users.

How are you disrupting status quo with blockchain?

Carboneum aims to leverage blockchain by recording all leader-follower relationships and transactions on the blockchain for transparency. Smart contract enables the act of copying trades to be executed automatically and settles the fee as followers only pay when they make a profit. Token facilitates the trading on the platform as it gives 50% discount on trading fees, creating a vital incentive tool to use the platform. Furthermore, the token will enable users to access exclusive benefits and perks and accelerating the uptake of the service.

Describe your token economy model

Carboneum is an open protocol and a social trading DApp, CoinRadars, on top of the protocol, creating a new infrastructure for social trading. Using Coinradars, amateur traders can learn from and follow trading strategies of expert traders. In social trading, trust among users is critical and this is realized through decentralization. Carboneum protocol ensures that all transaction history is recorded on the blockchain, creating a transparent and immutable record. Moreover, the protocol executes the trading for the followers automatically, copying the experts, and takes the fee from them only when the trades make a profit, offering a fair fee structure for the stakeholders involved.

C8 token will be used by follower traders to pay for fees to the leaders and the platform, receiving 50% discount on the fees by using C8 token. For holding a certain amount of C8 token, users will be able to access premium features and exclusive benefits, such as being able to follow certain popular leaders. Based on this, C8 token is critical for the platform as it become the currency within the ecosystem, as well as allowing users to access features that will enhance their experience of social trading. C8 token can be used in the company’s existing products(StockRadars, FundRadars, CoinMax and events) to get discount on the fees.


Max Kortrakul / CEO & Co-founder

StockRadars CEO & Founder • LINE Global API Expert

Artiya Thinkumpang / Head of Developers

Thomson Reuters • StockRadars Head of Development

Pavalin Masagee / Head of Business Development

etroleum engineering background • work globally with a strong sales background